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Below is some examples of recent work:
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For The Latest Photo's Of Work We Have Been Doing, Please See Our Facebook Group That We Update Regularly:

Left: Unlocking Siemens ECU (VW 1.6 Diesel) so that it can be tuned on car

Below: Reprogramming Audi Kessy unit to accept new keys

Above: Removing tuning protection from 2014 Citroen ECU to enable remap

Right: Repairing Mercedes LCD dash display

Left: Deseizing variable intake swirl flaps on a diesel

Below: Just a couple of clicks for skoda key programming, immobiliser info, mileage adjustment and pincode

Right: Programming key to a Subaru after all keys were lost. In this case the dealer couldn't help


   Below: Deseizing A VW Variable Geometry Turbo


Left: Extracting a Citroen Security Pin Via Hardware (for coding keys/immobilisers/control modules)

Below: Mercedes Star Diagnosis On An SLK


Above: Reading/Writing Of Peugeot 207 Diesel ECU On The Bench

Left: Changing Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel On An Opel Astra

Right: Rewiring a Ka Radio/Hazard Light Switch After a Break-In With Only Broken Bare Wires Left Behind

Below: Rewiring a Seat Ibiza Radio In Addition To The Original Because The Original Also Is Necessary To Control The Heating System

Right: Discovering A Small Air Conditioning Leak On a Peugeot 308

   Below: Repairing A Toyota ECU After It Was Burnt   By Faulty/Aged Capacitors Causing The Engine To Not Start

Left: Using The Excellent Fiat Multi ECU Scan

Below: Replacing Rubber Core Plug Between Engine & Gearbox On Volvo V70 Due To Leak


 Below: Rewiring A 2nd Hand ABS Unit On a Hyundai After A Fire Destroyed The Original

Above: Programming Ford Focus Key Via Hardware Without The Need For PIN Codes Or Any Other Key

Below: Using The Main Dealer Parts Catalogue Finding A Part Necessary To Fix The Air Conditioning On An Opel

Right: Fully Automated Air Conditioning Repair and Regas

Below: Just Some Of The Many Specialist Garage Tools We Have

Above: Erasing The Chassis Number From The Memory Of A Peugeot Radio Via Hardware So That It Can Be Used On Another Vehicle

Left: Just Some Of The Many Hardware Programmers Used


  Right: BMW EWS4 (Diamond Shape) Key    Programming (All BMW's Upto 2008)

Left - Repairing and rewiring Renault Megane/Scenic window control modules saving large sums of money over replacing the entire mech/motor

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